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APLITOP, As a technology-based company, it attaches great importance to R + D + i with direct application to the Topography sector, participating both in public initiative projects and others with its own financing.

Research Lines

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Thanks to virtual reality technology we have made it possible for engineers to thoroughly inspect the site from any location, and, with augmented reality, technicians can analyse the project state of implementation in real time.


APLITOP actively participates with buildingSMART International to implement IFC Alignment and IFC Road formats, which will be used in the exchange of open data of land, roads, railways, tunnels, etc.

Digital Photogrammetry

With our technology, geomatics products are obtained from the images taken by drones and stereoscopic restitution is simplified.

Point Clouds

Mass project data is easily managed by our technology which uses point clouds management.

Video Game Technology
Video Game Technology

We are researching the application of the tools and technologies used in videogames for realistic, high-quality simulation of land, roads and tunnels with.

Monitoring works

We have extensive experience in the development of applications for auscultation and deformation surveying through monitoring sensors in real time.

Strategic projects

Request for Collaboration

APLITOP, as a technology-based company, meets the ideal conditions to participate in calls for R & D projects in collaboration with other companies: highly specialized human team, extensive distribution network, international project experience , location in Malaga, etc.

If you want us to study the possibility of participating in a project as a partner or subcontractor, and is related to the development of applications in the Surveying or Engineering sectors Civil, we will be happy to study your case.

Universities and Research Centers

APLITOP collaborates with different universities in the realization of the different research projects.

Innovative SME

APLITOP has highly specialised staff members and its own technology, enabling us to undertake projects with great technical complexity, with rigour and efficiency. Actually it is participating in many R&D projects about surveying with Spanish universities, as well as building companies.

APLITOP has the innovative SME label awarded by the General Directorate of Innovation and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

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