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Building and Urbanisation


Our technological base makes us attach great importance to I + D + i with direct application to the Topography sector.

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In addition to tools for terrain modelling, our software facilitates the subdivision of parcels, road design for urbanisations, integration with BIM and much more.

Building and Urbanisation


    • Topographic surveys
    • Integration of point clouds, cartography, orthophotos, and CAD, GIS, BIM data
    • Plot subdivisions

    Terrain Modeling and Analysis

    • 3D Digital terrain models
    • Contour lines and profiles
    • Analysis of slopes, orientations, and visibility
    • Design of gradings and earthworks

    Design of Infrastructure and Services

    • Design of urbanization roads
    • Design of utility networks (sewerage, water supply, electricity, gas, etc.)

    Control and Supervision of the Work

    • Determination of the precise location of the elements of the work
    • Control and monitoring of the project
    • Verification of the conformity of the work with the drawings and specifications

    Project Documentation and Presentation

    • Generation of reports and drawings
    • Presentation of 3D models and visualizations of the project
    • Analysis of the environmental impact of the work
Building and Urbanisation

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