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Public Administration


Our technological base makes us attach great importance to I + D + i with direct application to the Topography sector.

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Our applications are used by technicians of all types of national, regional and local administrations as well as the departments of urban planning, public works, transport, water and sanitation, energy, etc.

Our range of products allows us to develop or checka wide variety of Topography and Civil Engineering projects and include everything from field applications to powerful office applications.

  • Surveys and setting-out can be performed using total stations with TcpET or GNSS receivers with TcpGPS, available on Windows or Android mobile devices
  • MDT is a CAD-based modular software that can import digital elevation models and other GIS data as well as process coordinate files. With them you can build the terrain model, generate contours, derive longitudinal and transversal profiles and calculate volumes
  • MDT Professional allows you to design horizontal and vertical alignments, define sections of motorways or roads, create corridors, export data for setting-out on site and display virtual tours
  • MDT Point Cloud lets you process millions of points collected with LIDAR technology, 3D scanner or photogrammetry. You can visualise the points by applying symbology based on colour, intensity or category, generate triangulation or grids, derive profiles, etc.
  • TcpStereo is designed for stereoscopic visualisation of aerial photographs with position and orientation data, which enables restitution in stereo mode by drawing simultaneously in CAD. It is especially useful to check or carry out 3D mapping.


Public Administration

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