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Surveying Projects

Aplitop-Winium 2002

Sister company with more than 20 years of experience in carrying out topographic HDS (High Definition Survey) work on a wide range of fields as diverse and specific as Heritage Conservation, Technical Advice, Civil Works, Industry and Mining.

In constant development, we are leaders in the application and combination of new emerging measurement technologies such as Laser Scanner and close Digital Photogrammetry through UAVs.

Company registered by AESA as a drone operator to carry out land surveys.

  • Surveys, cartography and stake out in civil works.
  • Special surveys and bathymetry.
  • Technical assistance in Construction Management.
  • Auscultation of structural elements and deformations.
  • Cadastre and terrestrial maritime boundaries.
  • Judicial appraisals.
  • Photogrammetric support, triangulation and network adjustment.
  • Modeling and structural reconstruction using Laser Scanner.
  • 3D Geometric Documentation and Virtualization of Heritage.
  • Singular cubicles.

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