TcpGPS Android for surveys and setting out with the GNSS receiver Javad Triumph 2


We announce the new integration of the receiver Javad Triumph 2 to the list of equipment compatible with TcpGPS Android

TcpGPS makes it easy for the user to develop surveying project and setting out with GNSS receivers, integrated or well connected via Bluetooth

On smartphones, you can quickly switch between display modes for all functions, while tablets display maps and the corresponding digital data simultaneously.

An artificial vocal system provides instructions to the user on the accuracy of the position, points raised or implanted, incidents in communications, etc.


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MDT for AutoCAD 2019

Free upgrade for users with subscription


MDT 7.5 for AutoCAD 2019 is here, with new and interesting features such as web and mobile versions, PDF import and drawings comparison.

This update is free for all users with active subscription, sending an email request to, giving the serial number.

Users of previous versions or without subscription can purchase an upgrade through their distributor.

In addition, as a special offer, all customers with active support subscription or who buy new licenses will receive MDT 8 for free as soon as it is available.

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Augmented Reality applied to surveying projects

Final tests of the PANDORA project


We are in the final phase of the PANDORA project, in which our main responsibility is the development of applications for processing data acquired by UAV and UGV, as well as the effective use of virtual and augmented reality technologies in construction projects.

In the following video we can see tests of augmented reality applications on site, including setting out, visualization of road corridors and other construction elements, earthworks represented with false color, and many more.

The results are very promising, and we hope that these results will be commercially available soon.



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BuildingSMART International Standards Summit

Paris (France)


We have attended to buildingSMART International Standards Summit held in Paris on the 26 - 29 March, having more than 400 delegates from many countries.

In this event we have presented the final report about the implementation of the IFC Alignment format, as representatives of the Spanish working group, and shared our experience from the point of view of software development.

We have also participated in several InfraRoom working groups, and specially on IFC Road, which aims to be a new OpenBIM exchange format for road projects.


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