Discover the Benefits of Aplitop`s Maintenance Service


Maintenance Agreement

Advantages. Summary Table

Advantage No Maintenance Maintenance
Technical support by web
Access to videos and technical notes
Usual response time for queries and issues 1 business day  
Technical support by email  
Telephone inquiries (1)  
Technical support by chat and remote control (2)  
Timely information on improvements and bug fixes  
Free updates  
Free updates for new CAD versions  
Implementation of new file formats (3)  
Preferential attention for submitting suggestions (4)  
  • (1) Only in Spain.
  • (2) Only when an appointment has been arranged with the support technicians.
  • (3) Only if enough technical information is available and considered of interest to users.
  • (4) Does not imply implementation commitment.

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If you have any specific questions about your needs, or if you already have it clear and want to buy the application, do not hesitate. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Maintenance contract FAQs

Of course, this is one of its advantages. In the case of not having it in force, you would have to purchase an update.

Of course! You can open a new case in the support area of the web or send us an email indicating your license number and details about your questions, and we will respond quickly.

Yes! You can send us the file and data of your license, and we will assist you if the format is supported by the application. In the event that it is not and is considered of general interest, it will be implemented quickly or added to the list of suggestions for future improvements, depending on its complexity.

Send screenshots of the error that occurs and describe the characteristics of your computer and the serial number of your license. In case of need, you can agree with our technicians a remote session so that we can help you with the installation, completely free of charge.

Enter the private area of the web, and describe the idea within the Suggestions section, attaching the files that can illustrate it. All of them are registered and evaluated for possible developments of new versions.

It is possible that it has expired or that the dongle has broken down. In any case open a new support case and we will answer you quickly.

Enter the private area of the web and create an incident, explaining how to play it and attaching the necessary files. Our technicians will help you solve it.

The maintenance contract entitles you to all improvements and updates that occur in that period. To do this, simply enter the private area of the web and download the corresponding files.



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