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Our technological base makes us attach great importance to I + D + i with direct application to the Topography sector.

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Aplitop is investigating the application of Machine Learning for the segmentation and classification of point clouds

The capture of massive data and its representation as point clouds is revolutionizing the procedures for the elaboration of surveying works in infrastructure construction projects.

However, this huge volume of data requires additional processing – or in many cases, manual editing – to extract the information useful for engineering projects. The commercial applications currently available offer some utilities, although the results can be greatly improved.

Aplitop is researching the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques for the segmentation and classification of point clouds generated for surveying projects.


Segmentation or clustering is an unsupervised learning technique that consists of dividing the points that have common characteristics into groups, without assigning semantics to each one. This would facilitate the selection of objects that should be ignored for the generation of the digital terrain model.

Classification is a supervised learning technique consisting of assigning a category to each point from a previously trained model, in order to subsequently perform the automatic extraction of entities.



Aplitop is a collaborating company in the Master of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Malaga.


Request for Collaboration

APLITOP, as a technology-based company, meets the ideal conditions to participate in calls for R & D projects in collaboration with other companies: highly specialized human team, extensive distribution network, international project experience , location in Malaga, etc.

If you want us to study the possibility of participating in a project as a partner or subcontractor, and is related to the development of applications in the Surveying or Engineering sectors Civil, we will be happy to study your case.

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