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Our solutions allow simple and rigorous control of tunnel works for roads, railways, underground mines and galleries, with total stations or 3D scanners.

Solutions according to the data capture instrument

Total Station

Surveying and tunnel setting-out

TcpTunnel can be installed in a wide range of motorized total stations, or in a data collector. The cross sections are measured automatically, simply giving the desired interval and the number of points per profile. The application shows the theoretical and measured tunnel section, with top and front views displaying infra and over-excavation areas.

3D Scanner

Tunnel sections from 3D scanners.

Starting from the point cloud, cross sections are calculated, which can be modified by a powerful editor. They can be displayed in 2D or 3D, showing the infra and over-excavation zones, and can also be exported to DXF, with multiple customization options.

Feature Tcp TUNNEL CAD Tcp Scancyr
Import of LandXML and other file formats
Drawing of cross sections
Area and volume reports
Generation of 3D model
Point cloud editing  
Alignment deviation report  
Inspection map  
Virtual tour  

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