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Our technological base makes us attach great importance to I + D + i with direct application to the Topography sector.

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The land analysis functions of our software allow you to map slopes, orientations and visibilityas well as importing and exporting data from Geographic Information Systems The source data can be surveys, mapping, elevation models provided by Geographic Information Systems or even point clouds.


    Design and Planning

    • Preparation of studies and preliminary projects
    • Analysis of affected services
    • Environmental impact analysis

    Environmental Impact Analysis

    • Generation of digital terrain models
    • Contours and profiles
    • Earthworks volumes
    • Slope maps and orientations
    • Visibility analysis

    Geographic Information Systems

    • Visualization and management of LIDAR or photogrammetry point clouds
    • Importing and exporting vector data
    • Importing and exporting orthoimages and meshes
    • Map Web Services

The geospatial data provided by Geographic Information Systems or created by applications such as ArcGIS, QGIS or gvSIG, as digital elevation models or meshes can also be utilised by our software. Orthophotos are inserted directly into their correct geographical location in the drawing, and images of WMS services can be extracted.


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