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Success Stories

Riyadh Metro - Line 3

The new Line 3 is the longest section of the gigantic project of the new metro network of the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Line 3 is composed of 22 stations (including the iconic Downtown Station and Western Station), 2 depots, and 6 park & ride.

Balao (Ecuador)

The project consists of topography and the design of 50 kilometres of track, using a drone survey and a mobile terrestrial lidar system.

Split (Croatia)

In Croatia, the State Geodetic Administration a few years ago changed the coordinate system which we used for many years (HDKS5(6)/GK) to a new (HTRS96/TM) coordinate system. So, we need to transform lots of cadastral maps and surveying drawings to a new coordinate system.

Rovinij (Croatia)

In a camping site near Rovinij (Croatia), a great deal of work had to be taken, which almost 90% of the camping site changed completely. The problem was not the surveying of the new camping site for the surveying office that I work for, but the calculation of the volumes of earthworks for the contractor company.

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