Aplitop TcpPointCloud Editor New Version 1.8 with SLAM Techology

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Tcp PointCloud Editor 1.8

Empowering Geospatial Excellence with SLAM Technology

Empowering Geospatial Excellence with SLAM Technology

Tcp PointCloud Editor 1.8

Enhance your point cloud projects

About Tcp PointCloud Editor

    Introducing the latest version of our standalone application, designed to help you visualize, edit, and analyze point clouds and images from SLAM and stationary scanners, LiDAR sensors, or photogrammetry applications.

    Aplitop's expertise meets SLAM technology, delivering an innovative solution that satisfies to the evolving needs of professionals, enhancing their workflow efficiency.

    What's more, our solution is highly competitive in terms of pricing, making it a smart choice for your projects. Discover how it can empower your projects today!

Tcp PointCloud Editor 1.8

What’s new in version 1.8?

    • SLAM scanner images and trajectory viewer
    • Synchronization and bidirectional transfer of drawing entities with CAD
    • Automatic vectorization on plan sections
    • Automatic creation of 3D polylines from the drawing made in the profile editor
    • 360º image viewer from E57 files
Tcp PointCloud Editor 1.8

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