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Land Registry


Our technological base makes us attach great importance to I + D + i with direct application to the Topography sector.

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With our field applications, parcel surveys are carried out using total station or GNSS receivers, and with the desktop parcels are designed and integrated with GIS and web map services.

Land Registry


    • Surveys with GNSS receivers
    • Base maps and cartography in DWG, KML, GML, shape, etc.
    • Capture point, linear, and polygon features
    • Photos, voice memos, and user attributes
    • Export to the cloud in multiple formats

    Plot Subdivision

    • Conversion of plots and buildings
    • Plot subdivision by area, façade length, parallel and other criteria
    • Generation of plans and reports of areas, boundaries, and coordinates
    • Plot dimensioning and annotation
    • Analysis of occupation and expropriations

    Cartography and GIS

    • Tools for drawing, editing, and presenting plans
    • Digital terrain models and contour lines
    • Orthophotos and photographs with position
    • Importing and exporting GIS files
    • Map Web Services

    Topographic Calculations

    • Calculation of total station observations
    • Traverse and network compensation
    • Coordinate transformations
    • Local systems
Cadastre and Land Registry

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Success Stories

Cadastral surveying
Cadastral surveying

Andhra Pradesh, India
The Revenue Department has drawn up an action plan for a comprehensive re-survey of lands across the state. It has prepared a report with elements on how to do this massive program that it wants to undertake for the first time in nearly 120 years.

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