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Become a distributor

Why become a reseller?

Start offering your customers a wide range of easy-to-use, powerful and cost-effective surveying and civil engineering software.

Add value with our experience and increase your customer base in this interesting industry.

Become a Aplitop Distributor

What are the benefits to Aplitop resellers?

As an Aplitop reseller, you will have access to a wide range of high quality geospatial products that are ready to be marketed. This will allow you to offer advanced technological solutions to your customers.

Aplitop offers its resellers attractive sales discount margins, giving you the opportunity to earn significant profits while offering solutions to your customers.

You will be featured as a reseller on Aplitop's website, which has a strong traffic flow. This will give you additional visibility and increase your online presence, which can generate more business opportunities.

Aplitop will support you in your marketing efforts for events and multi-channel communication. This includes the provision of marketing materials and support in promoting your geospatial products and services.

You will have exclusive access to a reserved area for resellers on Aplitop's website, where you will find complete commercial and technical material to support your sales and technical support activities.

Aplitop will provide you with training and ongoing support to help you develop your technical knowledge and commercial skills in the geospatial field. This will help you to foster strong and sustainable growth in partnership with Aplitop.

Aplitop is an industry benchmark with a presence in over 75 countries and thousands of users. Faced with increased demand for spatial data, smart cities, climate change, natural disasters, technological advances and new challenges, the geospatial industry will grow sustainably over the coming decades, becoming one of the key sectors globally.

Let's start this journey together!

In order to sell our products, it is required that the company has professionals with experience and knowledge in technical software or otherwise train someone from the team to develop this function. Click the button below to start the Aplitop reseller application.

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