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Drones and Photogrammetry


Our technological base makes us attach great importance to I + D + i with direct application to the Topography sector.

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Our range of products covers everything from generating geomatics products from photographs captured by drones to photogrammetric restitution.

Drones and Photogrammetry

    Point Clouds

    • Direct import of LIDAR or photogrammetry point clouds
    • Display by color, intensity, category, time, returns, etc.
    • Selection, editing, and classification tools
    • Generation of maps, videos, and web publishing

    Digital Models

    • Editing and filtering tools
    • Analysis of slopes and orientations
    • Elevation of 2D entities to 3D
    • Calculation of profiles and volumes
    • Virtual tours


    • Insertion into global coordinates
    • Assignment as a texture to DTM

    Oriented Images

    • Stereoscopic restitution
    • Simultaneous drawing in CAD
Drones and Photogrammetry

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Success Stories

Drone and Mobile LiDAR Ground Survey
Drone and Mobile LiDAR Ground Survey

Balao (Ecuador)
The project consists of topography and the design of 50 kilometres of track, using a drone survey and a mobile terrestrial lidar system.

Construction of the Solara 4 Photovoltaic Plant
Construction of the Solara 4 Photovoltaic Plant

Vaqueiros (Portugal)
The Solara 4 plant, located in the town of Vaqueiros (Alcoutim) in the Faro district (Portugal) is the largest facility in Europe of this type built without public aid. It is made up of 661,500 high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, with an installed power of 220 MWp and an estimated production of 380,000,000 kWh / year, enough to generate renewable energy to supply more than 100,000 homes.

Lidar survey
Lidar survey

Identify the surveying of the area intended for urban planning construction . This area has different challenges: tall vegetation, hard-to-reach areas, and steep slopes.

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