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Topography and Geodesy


Our technological base makes us attach great importance to I + D + i with direct application to the Topography sector.

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Our applications make it very easy to perform surveys with GPS and total station as well as traverse compensation and coordinate system transformations.


  • The TcpET application, installed onboard in a total station itself or in a data collector, allows the user to perform measurements and setting-out with a wide range of conventional, motorised or robotic stations, connected via serial cable or Bluetooth
  • Also, using TcpGPS installed in data collectors with Windows or Android you can perform surveys with most brands ofGNSS receivers
  • Total station observations are processed by MDT Topography, which calculates the coordinates of stations and points, performing traverse and networkcompensation by least squaresand other methods. It also enablesyouto define local systems and perform transformations of global coordinate systems, organised by country, applied to coordinate files or even drawings
  • If in the field we have assigned codes to the points, custom blocks, planimetry and break linesare automatically drawn by the user, which will be used to model the land using MDT Standard
Topography and Geodesy

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