TcpMDT PV. Optimization of Surveying Projects in Photovoltaic Plants

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Tcp MDT Photovoltaic

Topographic Projects in Photovoltaic Installations

Tcp MDT Photovoltaic

Find out how to maximize efficiency in your next PV project with TcpMDT PV

About TcpMDT Photovoltaic

    Aplitop, following its philosophy, offers a tool that makes the most complex terrain profitable and helps in the design of photovoltaic plants and in decision-making at a key stage: the optimization and precise calculation of earthworks.

Discover TcpMDT PV by Aplitop. Optimize Fotovoltaic Projects

Main features

3D Terrain Analysis

  • Division of the project into areas with maximum slopes, tolerance, elevation differences, etc.
  • Analysis of longitudinal slopes (North-South) and transversal ( East-West) slopes
  • Calculation of 3D topographic surfaces of natural terrain, design and final
  • Configurable Profile Drawing

Advanced Calculation and Optimization

  • Advanced terrain modeling tools
  • Automatic calculation of axis, grade, and profiles for each tracker
  • Interactive tools for detecting and resolving non-compliance criteria
  • Calculation and drawing of embankment and cuttings volumes for trackers requiring earthworks

Custom and Assisted Design

  • Automatic distribution of trackers or conversion of the design made by other applications
  • Catalog of tracker types with definition of physical dimensions, number of panels, nominal clearance, etc.
  • Definition of supports with height above ground, driving depth, longitudinal distribution, etc.
  • Automatic numbering of trackers and supports and linking to project references

Reports and maps

  • Summary and detailed reports of zones, trackers, supports, slopes, volumes, etc.
  • Sending of data-to-data collectors for field stake-out
  • Generation of 3D model of the installation and realistic representation on the final terrain
  • Export to IFC with associated properties and integration into OpenBIM workflows
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