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Energía Solar Fotovoltaica


Nuestra base tecnológica nos hace conceder una gran importancia a la I+D+i con aplicación directa al sector de la Topografía.

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Ecosystem of solutions to optimise the office and field work of engineering and EPC companies that design and execute photovoltaic plants.

Solar Energy

    Field work

    • Topographic surveys with GNSS
    • LIDAR point cloud processing
    • Inventories of facilities and infrastructure
    • Rethinking of piles

    3D terrain analysis

    • Analysis of North-South and East-West slopes
    • Digital model of the natural terrain and final design
    • Configurable profile drawing

    Personalized and assisted design

    • Division of the project into areas with different conditions
    • Automatic distribution or conversion of the layout of other applications
    • Expandable follower catalog

    Calculation and optimization

    • Advanced terrain modeling tools
    • Automatic calculation of axes and profiles
    • Tools for the detection and resolution of non-compliance
    • Calculation and drawing of cuts and embankments


    • Reports on zones, followers, supports, pending, volumes, etc.
    • 3D model of the plant and realistic representation on the ground
    • Export to IFC for OpenBIM

    Complementary works

    • Esplanades
    • Access roads
    • Drainage works
Solar Energy

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Success Stories

Construction of the Solara 4 Photovoltaic Plant
Construction of the Solara 4 Photovoltaic Plant

Vaqueiros (Portugal)
The Solara 4 plant, located in the town of Vaqueiros (Alcoutim) in the Faro district (Portugal) is the largest facility in Europe of this type built without public aid. It is made up of 661,500 high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, with an installed power of 220 MWp and an estimated production of 380,000,000 kWh / year, enough to generate renewable energy to supply more than 100,000 homes.

Assembly of Solar Modules
Assembly of Solar Modules

Billeberga (Sweden)
The project consisted of the assembly of solar modules for the photovoltaic plant in Billeberga, Sweden. 1,800 points were staked out to locate the double pilings or drives of the fixed metal structures. The difference between the front and rear pilings had to be 45º, so that the panels had the same inclination, and always oriented towards the south, in order to achieve the best light capture.

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