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New version 1.7 of Tcp PointCloud Editor


New version 1.7 of Tcp PointCloud Editor

Visualize, analyze and draw on the point cloud

From the Aplitop team, we announce the new version 1.7 of Tcp PointCloud Editor.

What are the latest features?

🆕 New quick profile viewer with real-time point selection and classification 👉 Video

🆕 New CAD functions for entity editing and drawing of arcs, circles and 3D faces 👉 Video

🆕 Coordinate information and view centering on 3D models

What new enhancements have been implemented?

✅ Export of points and meshes to 3D PDFs

✅ Import of large point clouds

✅ Import and export of IFC 4.3 files

For more information, you can access the change history document.


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