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News and changes in TcpMDT 9


News and changes in TcpMDT 9

Discover the latest features and improvements

From the Aplitop team, we announce a series of new features, fixes and improvements.

What are the latest features?

🆕 In the export to KML for Google Earth, texts are now included and you can decide whether the altitudes are absolute or glued to the ground. (Vídeo)

🆕 Direct export to PDF format from the profile editors.

🆕 Section editor allows to update the segment and to continue working in the CAD

🆕 New command to send current project information and files.

🆕 When importing shapefiles you can select the source and destination systems, reprojecting if necessary.

What new enhancements have been implemented?

✅ It is now possible to assign different diameters to a pipe section (add to video library).

✅ In the calculation of volumes by mesh difference it is now possible to compare files with different cell size.

✅ Separation of platforms, ditches and slopes in the Hexagon XML export of the selected instrument.

For more information, you can access the change history document.

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