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Publication of point clouds on web


Publication of point clouds on web

View your projects from anywhere

Users with an active subscription (*) can now publish point clouds and associated CAD drawings, so that by simply providing a link, anyone can view the project with a web browser, even from mobile devices. In addition, you can change the cloud symbology, activate or deactivate layers, measure distances or areas, create profiles, etc.

Other highlights:

- New CAD functions for extending, trimming and splicing lines and polylines, adding, moving and deleting vertices, leveling elevations, etc.

- When rendering point clouds by intensity, quantile distribution based on histogram is enabled for improved visibility

Featured improvements:

- New importing system, with reduced disk usage and improved speed.

- Area measurements now measure 2D (XY) and 3D areas

- Acceleration of point selections, loading of points into memory and other performance enhancements

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Download of the latest version is available for users with a current maintenance contract. If you don't have one yet, click on the link below and discover the benefits.

Advantages of the maintenance contract

(*) See terms and conditions in license agreement

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