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TcpMDT9 for BricsCAD® 23


TcpMDT9 for BricsCAD® 23

Complete solution for Surveying and Civil Engineering Projects

TcpMDT9 version for BricsCAD 23® is now available.

To increase productivity, it is now possible to combine the best of both applications, for example to create a surface with MDT and modify it dynamically with BricsCAD®, or to create an alignment with BricsCAD® and obtain cross sections with MDT, as you can see in the following videos.

👉 Working with surfaces
👉 Calculating volumes
👉 Working with alignments and profiles

TcpMDT is the most complete and accessible application for surveyors and civil engineers, with it you can design from small plots to more ambitious projects like highways and large housing developments.
This new option is available in the TcpMDT9 installation for all users with current maintenance contracts and for newly acquired licenses.

👉 TcpMDT9 Product Page

👉 New Features in BricsCAD® 23

👉 TcpMDT for BricsCAD Datasheet

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