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Collaboration with Teria


Collaboration with Teria

The reference in geolocation and high precision positioning systems

Malaga, Spain. 4 of May 2022 - Aplitop announced today its collaboration with TERIA, an expert in geolocation that offers solutions with its GNSS receivers for surveying projects.

This collaboration provides surveyors with a complete hardware solution from TERIA including NRTK & SSR corrections with accessories and a complete software solution from Aplitop. Combining the accuracy and performance of TERIA's equipment with the simple workflows of Aplitop's TcpGPS application, users will have a competitive solution that will increase productivity within their field surveying projects.

From the use of the software with TERIA terminals we can highlight:

-          Data collection and stakeout for all types of surveying projects

-          Basemaps with global coverage, cartography and map web services

-          Collaborative work with data exchange in the cloud

Aplitop Comment

“We are pleased to partner with TERIA to introduce this solution globally to surveying and construction professionals,” said Francisco Navarrete, CEO of Aplitop. "This combination increases productivity on site and also saves time in the office."

TERIA Comment

"Our partnership with Aplitop allows us to offer our customers an easy-to-use solution that cover most of the geomatics needs. In addition, because the solution is connected, it can be easily updated and communicate with the office in almost real time. While corrections are provided in real time through Network-RTK service, the points are stored and transmitted via the Internet to the office. “Paul Chambon, Chief Technical Officer of TERIA.


The TcpGPS application is available through Aplitop's international network of distributors. You can find out more information in the TcpGPS for Android section of the website or by writing to [email protected]. For more information about TERIA's equipment, you can visit the TERIA Solutions section of their website or send an email to [email protected].


Born from the dream of making its mark on the evolution of surveying techniques, TERIA has placed the Expert Surveyor at the heart of the company's new challenges.

Since its foundation in 2005, TERIA has been extending its services to all geolocation players, with the aim of creating a unique georeferencing tool for the entire profession.

For more information, visit this article on their website https://www.reseau-teria.com/language/en/2022/05/04/aplitop-an-international-collaboration

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