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New update 2.5 of TcpGPS for Android™


New update 2.5 of TcpGPS for Android™

Discover the new features and changes of this latest update

From the Aplitop team, we announce a new update for TcpGPS for Android™.

What's new in version 2.5?

🆕 Possibility to choose between the new icon menus and the side menu.

🆕 New methods for taking inaccessible points.

🆕 Choice of default coordinate system and basemap.

What new enhancements have been implemented?

✅ New generic NMEA driver for Bluetooth LE connection

✅ Ability to use WMS and WMTS services in basemaps

✅Improvements in the creation of coordinate systems

For more information, you can access the change history document.

*This version will be automatically installed on the device if you have enabled the "Automatically update applications" option in Google PlayStore.

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