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Collaboration with Leica Geosystems CPEC


Collaboration with Leica Geosystems CPEC

A complete solution for field surveying projects

Malaga, Spain. September 7, 2022 - Aplitop today announced its new partnership with Leica Geosystems CPEC

This collaboration provides surveyors with reconditioned Leica equipment such as "ZENO20", or "GS08" and Aplitop TcpGPS field surveying software. By combining the accuracy and performance of Leica equipment with TcpGPS, users will have a competitive and cost-effective solution that will undoubtedly enhance their projects. 

From the Aplitop team, Francisco Navarrete (CEO) says: 

"This solution allows users to perform all types of surveying work with an Android phone or tablet, leveraging the features of Leica Geosystems equipment and sharing data in the cloud” 

From the Leica team, Agustin Lopez comments: 

"Leica Geosystems CPEC was born with the aim of assuring all users of typographic instruments that the quality and precision parameters with which the company works remain solid for much longer. Our intention with this collaboration is to make our technology accessible to more users around the world.“ 


The TcpGPS application is available through Aplitop's international network of distributors. 

To learn more about the software ­čĹë https://www.aplitop.com/products/tcp-gps  

About Leica Geosystems CPEC 

CPEC is responsible for the resale of surveying equipment from Leica Geosystems, a leader in measurement technology with the widest range of solutions for professional surveyors. Its instruments come from its own customers, as well as from various rental activities, demonstrations, or from the extensive network of Leica Geosystems Official Distributors. 

--- Every Leica Pre-Owned Equipment completes a rigorous refurbishment process that includes full functional testing, repairing and cleaning by their technical service --- 

With all the equipments they provide a 6 months warranty  

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