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A complete alternative CAD-based solution for Civil Projects


A complete alternative CAD-based solution for Civil Projects

Get to know the most cost-effective and easy to learn surveying software

Aplitop team presents TcpMDT, a cost-effective alternative solution for Surveying and Civil Engineering projects.

It is used by thousands of users worldwide, offering a complete solution for the development of all types of topographic projects, from modeling the terrain of a parcel of land to complex road or urbanization.

It runs as a plugin on AutoCAD®, BricsCAD®, GstarCAD® or ZWCAD® and obtain very efficient results thanks to its ease of use and intuitive interface.

If you want to learn more about tcpmdt, check the following points:

1. Watch our videos

We strive to provide high quality video content to showcase our products and guides to learn how to use them effectively.

✅ Meet TcpMDT

Link to TcpMDT Promotional Video

This video is a summary of all the features that TcpMDT can bring to your workflow.

✅ Visit the TcpMDT Playlist

Link to TcpMDT Playlist

As a complement, the User's Manual explains step-by-step procedures with the same files, so you can reproduce them and learn quickly.

2. Download the Demo

It's time to get to work, in this step you have to download the demo version of TcpMDT and during the next 30 days you will be able to experience all the features.

✅ Download TcpMDT last version

Link to TcpMDT Demo

3. What if I have any doubts or issues?

Fortunately, our support team is always attentive to our users and has developed a question and answer area that we receive from technical support.

✅ Visit TcpMDT's FAQ section

Link to TcpMDT FAQs

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