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TcpMDT for BricsCAD 22

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TcpMDT for BricsCAD 22

Complete solution for Surveying and Civil Engineering Projects

TcpMDT 8.5 for BriscCAD 22® is now available. Among the innovations it brings to the product portfolio are improvements in performance, design, construction and manufacturing workflows.

The main innovation of TcpMDT lies within the visual features, ribbon menus have been introduced to improve navigation and user experience.

Used by thousands of users in different countries around the world, TcpMDT is a complete and scalable solution for the realization of all types of topographic projects, we will be able to model from the terrain of a plot of land to a complex urbanization project.

This new option is available in the TcpMDT installation for all users with current maintenance contracts and for newly acquired licenses.

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