Surveying Projects: tcptunnel-401


TcpTunnel 4.0.1


TcpTunnel 4.0.1

New features and support for new models of total stations

Suggestions from dealers and users have been taken into account to do the main features of this version. The following features have been added to the new release:

- Within the cross-sections surveying, the program allows one to move the total station to the measured points, just tap on them graphically. Also, the program shows analytical data calculated

- Checking cross-sections option also shows differences of the X and Y coordinates between the measured point and the point projected on the tunnel template

- Support for FX, DX and SX series from SOKKIA.

- “Reflector sheet”, new measurement type for SRX, FX, DX and SX series from SOKKIA, and MS, OS, DS and PS series from TOPCON

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