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  • 1. Features and Functionality

1. Features and Functionality

TcpTunnel is an application based on dialog boxes that are presented on a main menu comprised of a series of buttons that enable one to access the program’s different options.
To exit a dialog box, either the accept () or cancel () buttons should be clicked. These appear on the upper side of the screen. The cancel button allows one to exit the dialog box without accepting any changes or without taking account of any calculations that may have been made.
Most of the dialogs show, on the title bar, the menu button . This button allows user to run several options.
Help button, , is also shown in some screens to open the documentation about the current function.
TcpTunnel works with projects, which are made up of differents ASCII files. For users having TcpTunnel CAD application, the projects are totally compatible, although, simple projects can be created directly in TcpTunnel. Both programs usually work together and the general workflow is as follow:
TcpTunnel CAD
TcpTunnel TS
Project definition
Tunnel template creation
Tunnel template assignments
Survey cross sections
Check cross sections
Stake out front / cross sections
Cross section calculations
Cross section drawing
Report generation
Cross section comparison
Tunnel 3D model