On last July 11, 2017, a meeting was held at CATEC's premises in Seville to present the first results of the PANDORA project, which aims to develop new enabling technology solutions for applications in the life cycle of Infrastructure projects, which will improve by both the obtaining of information and its operation, representation and interpretation. The consortium is formed by SACYR, ATYGES and APLITOP.

APLITOP's role is to develop software applications to improve the remote control and monitoring of work using virtual reality and in the work itself using augmented reality. At the meeting, the first functional prototypes were presented.

This project is co-financed by the Industrial Technological Development Center (CDTI) of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and the European Union through the FEDER INNTERCONECTA program 2015.

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MDT is now available for the latest versions of AutoCAD 2018, BricsCAD 17.2 and ZWCAD 2017 SP3, so you can continue to use our application with your favorite CAD. The installation also includes support for older versions.

Do not forget that you can choose between permanent or annual licenses, depending on your needs.

These versions will be available in the private download area for all users with a current maintenance contract. If you do not have your updated license or would like to request a quote, please contact your reseller or ask us for more information.

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At APLITOP, we are committed to implementing the BIM methodology in the sector, as well as supporting initiatives such as OpenBIM for the use of open formats for data exchange.

Export of surfaces in IFC format

MDT can now export surfaces in IFC format versions 2 x 3 and 4, which makes it easy to integrate with all kinds of BIM applications.

See the new technical notes and videos:

Export a surface to IFC format and import with Solibri Model Viewer

Export a surface to IFC format and import with Revit

 IFC-Road Working Group

APLITOP formalized its commitment in the working group to define the new IFC-Road format for the exchange of BIM road project data at the Standards Summit in Barcelona organized by buildingSMART International. The document defines the scope of collaboration for this project, involving public and private entities from Korea, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and China.

This participation is part of the activities of the ROADBIM project, a R&D initiative whose general objective is to achieve more efficient development of road construction projects throughout their lifecycles through the application of BIM in information management processes.

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 Exchange alignments with IFC Alignment

At this conference, we also realized the first live demonstration of a commercial application capable of importing and exporting files in the IFC Alignment format. This format allows the exchange of data from surveying surfaces and alignments in plan and elevation through an extension of the IFC standard, which facilitates the exchange of BIM data with open and independent formats.

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How to get these new products?

These extensions will be provided free of charge to all users with an existing maintenance contract. If you do not have an up-to-date license or would like to request a quotation, contact your distributor or ask us for more information.


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magnet 2

Now you can easily import points and breaklines from a survey done with Magnet Field and export a network or segment of MDT in order to trace it in situ.

Importing surveys

To import into MDT a survey done with Magnet Field of Topcon, we must first export the points, lines and areas of the project in LandXML format with the application wizard included.

Then within MDT, you just need to run the import command of the LandXML format in the Utilities menu, selecting all components.

See technical note and video in the following links:

Importing a Survey of Topcon Magnet Field into MDT


Export Segments

To export a road or a route segment developed with Topcon Magnet, you first need to execute the command to export to LandXML from the Utilities menu by selecting the segment file and choosing Topcon Magnet 3.0 export mode or higher.

In Magnet Field, we must use the wizard to exchange data from the file, selecting all its components which, when completed, will allow us to trace the road.

See technical note and video in the following links:

Exporting segment from MDT to TOPCON Magnet



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Intergeo 2017

26/09/2017: Berlin (Germany)
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RESTA 2017 International specialized exhibition on construction and renovation

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