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Asturias (Spain)

Emergency work for removal of landslide and stabilization of road slope

Company: EXCADE S.L.
Web: www.excade.com
Location: Asturias (Spain)
Name: Adrián Cué
Qualification: Degree in Geomatic Engineering and Surveying
Charge: Land Surveyor
Main activities: Excade SL is a company specialized in earthworks, which throughout its professional record has been diversifying its activity covering the following fields: Demolitions, Excavations, Dismantling, Channeling, Breakwaters, Recycling and Reuse of materials, Maritime Works, Urbanizations, Forest Crusher, Special Cranes, Topography…

Use Case

In Asturias, after a period of adverse weather conditions, a very unique emergency situation occurs that involves great difficulty, with the need to use very specific technical equipment and qualified personnel for execution, due to the potential existing high risk.

The situation that arises is that the main communication route between two councils is totally disabled by accumulations of material detached on the road and a riverbed in its upper course close to a dam, which implies an added risk.

That is why the speed, precision and reliability for obtaining, analyzing and studying all the alternatives prevail, seeking also the optimization of time, economic resources, and above all, the elimination or minimization of exposure to possible risks for human and technical resources.

It is here where the use of MDT has been essential, allowing the work with integrated photogrammetric, GNSS, classic survey and orthoimages data, on which the volumes have been quantified and the entire subsequent construction process designed.

TcpMDT Professional
TcpMDT Professional

All-in-one solution for Surveying and Civil Engineering projects

MDT has greatly facilitated the execution of this project, especially in the design and work control phases, thanks to the possibility of working with 3D entities at all times and the automation of delineation elements in both planimetry and 3D, which allows the optimization of time as well as an extra contribution of realism for the entire project phase.

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