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  • 1. Installing the Application

1. Installing the Application

The steps below must be followed:
·         Decompress the file
·         Execute the file vcredist_x86_VS2008.exe. This application will install the libraries required to execute the TcpGPS installation programme.
·         If you're going to execute the installation for Windows CE, synchronise the mobile device with the PC via Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Centre.
·         Execute the file TcpGPSSetup.exe.
·         Select the installation programme language:
·         Select the Brand and the Model of the device; if you wish to install the application on a PC or on a mobile device which does not appear on the list, you must select Others as the brand.
·       Select the Version to be installed. You can choose between Basic or Full. The difference between both is that the latter includes the road module. For PC there is a Simulation version distributed free-of-charge with the version for mobile device which allows works to be prepared on the PC and subsequently for them to be copied to the device.
·         Select the Installation Folder by pressing the  button on the right of this box. On the mobile devices it is recommended to install the programme on permanent storage cards (SD, Compact Flash, etc). To see the list of those to be found on the device, the Only show memory cards box must be marked.
·         Press the Install TcpGPS button.
·         Once installation is complete, the following message appears:
·           Press Accept and close the installation programme.