TcpGPS Android
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1.1 Installation

Installing TcpGPS Android application requires a device with Android OS and Internet connection. The recommended requirements are shown in the following table:
Android OS
V6.0 or above
Minimum 3GB
Performance Indicator
Minimum 12 and recommended 34 or more, according to the Android device comparison website
Display Size
Recommended 5” or more
Data connection
Internal GPS
Magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope
From Google Play Store you can find and install the application, named TcpGPS.
Figure 1. License request
The application requires a set of permissions:
·         Bluetooth for connecting to external GNSS receivers.
·         Internet for downloading ESRI maps, sharing exported files and using NTRIP and WMS services.
·         Location for getting position from the internal GPS.
·         Camera for making photos and use augmented reality.
·         Microphone for recording voice notes.
·         Storage for accessing files and storing results.
These permissions will be requested to accept after installing the application.
The first time the application is started, the user will be required to fill the data information fields for requesting a license. Two different license versions are available for TcpGPS Android.